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Medical Billing and Coding


Program Description
This course of instruction prepares individuals for entry-level jobs as medical coders and medical billers. Graduates may find suitable employment with hospitals, insurance companies, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities. Students will learn the basics of health insurance and how medical coding is used in conjunction with the insurance industry. They will also learn basic medical terminology including definitions of the most common word parts, such as root words, compound words, prefixes, and suffixes. In addition, they will learn the basics of filing hospital insurance claims, including the UB-92. Students will learn the hospital billing flow, elements required to complete the UB-92 form, variations of form completion requirements, patient billing using MediSoft Advanced billing software and using the computer to complete the form. They also learn medical insurance including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, HMOs, PPOs, Medicare, Medicaid, and other plans. Students will learn to process medical claims for Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE. A Certificate is awarded upon completion of the program. This program will prepare students to take the (CPC) Certified Professional Coding Exam. The fee for this test is included in the tuition.










The approximate time required to complete this program is 37 weeks (480 hours). A clock hour is defined as sixty-minutes.

Program Outline

Course #        Subject                                     Clock Hours                                                                                           Lec    Lab    Ext    Total

MST 100        Medical Insurance                     40      40      00      80

MST 101        Medical Insurance Coding       40      40      00      80

MST 102        Hospital Billing                          40      40      00      80

MST 103        Patient Billing; MediSoft, 4e    40      40      00      80

MST 104        Medical Terminology               40      40      00      80

MST 105        Government Programs             40      40      00      80

Total hours                                                     240    240      00     480

Cost of Attendance

Registration $100.00
Tuition $7,925.00
Books - Supplies - Fees $1,085.00
Total Program Cost $9,110.00

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